Whitney Mercilus

Me with Whitney Mercilus

My day started off like any other Monday, wake up, shower, get ready for work, make coffee, go to work. As I sat down at my desk to start my work day I was giving a quick check of my Facebook and the top message was from a buddy of mine, Ricky, who posted he had 2 VIP tickets to the Houston Texans training camp practice which started at 8:30. I said to myself “self, would you want to spend the day with your friend watching your favorite pro football team play and have the opportunity to shoot some photos while you were at it? Or would you rather sit at work and think about what you are missing by not going to the Texans practice?” Well of course I made the right choice and took the day off and raced to the practice.

What a day it was, I got to take some amazing photos from right at the edge of the turf, meet some of my favorite players and watch a great practice. To top it off I got to spend time and have lunch with my good friend Ricky. Little did I know what would transpire later in the day.

As I was getting into bed I received a text message from the marketing people for Braxton Miller, a former Ohio State Buckeye and current rookie with the Texans. They wanted to see if they could get the high resolution version of the pictures I took of him so they could post on their social media outlets. Obviously I said yes, one of my favorite Buckeyes of all time and now with my favorite pro team, what else could I say? 

Since this correspondence Braxton Miller has posted a

2016-08-05 17.46.17
number of my pictures that I took and edited some of them to enhance them for their posts. For the next several days I got several notifications that Braxton Miller was sharing my pictures. It is quite the honor to get noticed by someone you have admired for so long and now that person is using something you created on their personal page.

If you know any athletes out there that are looking for photos for their social media, website, or marketing I would love to talk with them. In the meantime take advantage of every opportunity you have and don’t just do it to do it but do it with excellence, you never know who is watching.