On Wednesday I had the privilege of getting to shoot photos of Seven Lakes High School cheer in Katy, Texas. All week long we were experiencing rain and the plan was to do the photos in a local park. Naturally as a photographer there was some nervousness knowing that the plan of shooting the photos in the park may not happen. The morning was sketchy at best, when I went to my car to go to the shoot it was raining, not good, when I got to the shoot site the rain had stopped but then 15 minutes later it started again.

My first thought was to find another location but really didn’t want to, we had a perfect location for these pictures. The cheer coach wanted to wait it out so we did and man am I glad we did. We were able to get some great photos in a new location that I will be using in the future. The sun even popped out some and gave us some fun lighting to work with.

Sometimes shoots may not seem to go the way you want them to but then end up going exactly how you would have liked. I was able to get some amazing pictures that the cheer team was super excited about.

Lessons are always learned in photography and the lesson this day is be prepared for change but sometimes it can be worth it to wait it out and see what happens.