It is always fun to catch a drum corps show in the summer time, but even more so when you get to share it with your daughter. Saturday night I had the opportunity to take my oldest daughter to see some of the best Drum Corps in the country. While I was there of course I pulled out my camera and took some pictures. Unfortunately my seats were literally on the top row of the stadium but that didn’t stop me.

As a photographer you must always look for an opportunity to get great shots especially when there is a chance to get some great action shots at an event like Drum Corps. Even though I was on the top row of the stadium my daughter and I had to go down eventually for the restroom and of course on a hot Texas night we had to get snow cones. Well snow cones are located in the middle of the stadium which was a great opportunity to get some great shots at a lower level. While my daughter enjoyed her snow cone I took the opportunity to shoot some fabulous shots of Carolina Crown. I got some great shots of them in action and they had an amazing show.

Once all of the corps finished performing Grace and I moved down to the front row to watch the awards and that is where I was able to get the money shot. Right in front of me was a color guard member for The Cadets.

The bottom line is no matter where you are and what you are doing take the opportunity to make the most of it because you never know what kinds of shots you can get and you can’t get them if you don’t have your camera with you.