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Garrett’s Photo Session

Garrett got a new car and it is AWESOME!!! So of course he wanted to get photos taken with it so the journey begins.  It was a beautiful Texas evening and actually wasn’t outrageously hot at sunset during our photo session. Garrett, who is a junior linebacker...

Bowl Season 2016-17

After a much needed break after the UIL State Championship games it was on to College Bowl season. This year I had the chance to cover the Texas Bowl in Houston, Alamo Bowl in San Antonio, and probably my favorite bowl to cover this year the Cotton Bowl in Dallas....

Football, Football, and more Football

The past month has been football, football, and more football, and it has been GLORIOUS!!! I started my first part of my Christmas vacation at the Texas UIL State Championship games at AT&T stadium, which is AMAZING, were I had the privilege of covering all 12 of...

It’s All About the Cougars

I love covering college games, especially when they are during the day, and I love when I get to cover the U. of Houston Cougars. Outside of my love for The Ohio State University I really enjoy watching U. of Houston play. Maybe it is there colors, maybe it is their...

Why do I do what I do?

Often people ask me why I love what I do? I love what I do because I get to capture memories, moments, and emotion.that last a lifetime.

Sometimes Surprises Come Out of Nowhere

My day started off like any other Monday, wake up, shower, get ready for work, make coffee, go to work. As I sat down at my desk to start my work day I was giving a quick check of my Facebook and the top message was from a buddy of mine, Ricky, who posted he had 2 VIP...


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I am a photographer, designer, and videographer based in Houston, Texas. I specialize in sports, firefighter, and family photography, however, no project is to small or to large. My passion is football but I love all sports and creating action packed dynamic pictures and using those photos for graphic design.

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